Project Management

ACT Automotive is aiming with the Project Management for;

  • To meet business objectives
  • To satisfy customer expectations,
  • To be more predictable,
  • To manage the cost
  • To deliver the products at the right time,
  • To resolve the problems,
  • To optimize the use of the organisational resources,
  • To identify , recover and terminate failing operations,

After the nomination of the project ACT Automotive Project Planning Team focuses the following steps;

  • Definition of the project and creating the “New Business ID card” of the project
  • Collecting the requirements
  • Defining the Scopes
  • Plan Schedule Management
  • Defining Activities
  • Sequence Activities
  • Estimate Durations and Develop Schedule
  • Plan Quality Management
  • Plan Resource Management
  • Plan Cost Management
  • Plan Communication Management
  • Identify Risks

ACT Automotive has a very efficient communication channels with the customers and shares project flow every miles stones.